About Us

Welcome! This page will let you know a little about our websites and other pertinent information, Using any one or all of our sites ( WeTel, Mary Lou's Designs, Tdome Tech, DeSoto Wireless, DeSoto Yard Sale, HostU, WeTel eBooks etc. ) will allow you to search the eBay site for the product{s] that you desire while affording you an easy and laid back style of searching for that special something you are looking for. Whether it be a Wedding Gift, New Watch, New or Replacement Cellphone, you can find the right one using our eBay search sites.

The WeTel eBooks store is NOT an eBay search site but instead allows you to search and preview thousands of eBooks that are available for you to purchase.

There is absolutely NO cost to you or any fees added to the item price or to the seller of the eBay item{s} by using our sites. Please visit all of our eBay Search sites and use any or all for your eBay purchases.